Homeopathic Placenta Remedy

How can a Homeopathic Placenta Remedy help me and my baby?

Your local Placenta Remedy Specialist can help you order a placenta remedy made from a piece of your fresh placenta.

We have the homeopathic pills and we use them regularly as a preventative measure really for when I think she might be susceptible to a cold or I am feeling a bit run down. She is 15 months old now and has had 2 colds to speak of in her entire life and compared to her friends this, I think, is pretty impressive. She has a very strong immune and I put this down partly to the Homeopathic pills. She absolutely loves taking them & sees them like a treat even. I love the fact that it gives us another special bond – and that it is entirely unique. – Mum Abi & daughter Etta

homeopathic Homeopathics, like essences, are remedies that heal on a vibrational, energetic level. Homeopathic placenta remedy can be used as your child’s constitutional remedy for life since it was their life-giving source for their time in-utero. It contains the blue print of his/her energetic make-up and hence, the amazing ability to bring balance and illicit healing from within when illness, disease, emotional challenges, or difficult life transitions arise.

A homeopathic mother tincture can be made quite simply, from a placenta pill or a tincture, you can further dilute and succuss it to create different potencies.

“…having a remedy at hand for your baby that is made from her/his placenta is like having a bit of a magic potion for the baby. A remedy to use at times of illness, shock, transition or change and when you intuitively feel to.” Moonsong: Making a Homeopathic Remedy from your Placenta by Jane Hardwicke Collings)

This will be a constitutional remedy for the baby throughout her/his life. It could be used for many/any constitutional or unusual ailments (except when specific remedy is appropriate eg arnica for bruising).

Homeopathic Placenta Remedy may:

  • improve symptoms of emotional distress, depression, anxiety, sorrow and mourning
  • improve symptoms of hormonal imbalance
  • help your baby with colic, crying fits, teething and separation anxiety

See Placenta Humanum (Welsh) written by Kathy Biggs BA(HONS),LWSH,RGN. Linda Gwillim MCH.RSHom, 2000, for a full Repertory.

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