Neurodiversity Celebration Week

March 20th, 2024
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I couldn’t let this week pass without a little celebratory shout out of my own!

I am Carly, I founded Birthly last year, and I am diagnosed autistic, undiagnosed ADHD and have chronic fatigue syndrome. My youngest son is diagnosed as PDA autistic and my eldest is on the autism assessment pathway. In our household I like to refer to us as being “amazingly autistic”, our brains are built different!

Things that make me proud about my family:

  • the ability to adapt, Rob and I are both self employed, working for another person when you are neurodivergent can be tricky, find your space in the work place and run with it.
  • parenting collaboratively, we listen to our boys and allow them to tell us what they need, when they need it. In return they listen to what we need.
  • we run a low demand household, we live with few demands, both actual and perceived. Read more about the PDA profile here.
  • our high level of understanding and empathy, we will be there for you, our sense of social justice is off the charts!
  • the love and respect we have for each other, we know each other so well and can spot when one of us is struggling and needs extra support.
  • we listen to our bodies and minds. When either need to rest, we allow it and embrace it. Mental health is just as important as physical health.
  • we encourage each other and those around us to be authentically true to themselves.

Even with all of these super powers, navigating a world that is set up for neurotypical people is a challenge, there are many barriers to overcome, with very little understanding or support.The more we can share about ourselves and our journeys, the more we can drop our masks and relax in to our wonderful ways.

If you would like to know more about Neurodiversity Celebration Week (they also have a fab resource section) please follow the link.

It is my hope that Birthly is ND friendly, that the team embrace and support clients that are neuro-diverse and that we can continue to support each other throughout the birth world. If you have any feedback on the site and/or a blog piece please share by emailing

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