World Doula Week 2024

March 25th, 2024
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Celebrated during the week of the spring equinox, as a nod to fertility and new beginnings, World Doula Week runs from March 22nd 2024. Our birthly team member, Alex, shares with us her thoughts on doulas –

“It’s World Doula Week 2024 and this year’s theme is “Doulas Support You!”

People often ask me what makes doulas unique within maternity care and my answer is that doulas work for you and no one else.

We only work for our clients and no one else. We are not responsible to an employer (NHS or private company) or a professional body setting out exactly what we can and can’t do. for our registration which means we have true autonomy in our work.

This means the support we provide is as unique as you and your pregnancy are. We are able to advocate for your needs and wishes. That is our only agenda. We have no judgement around how you should give birth, where or with whom.

We won’t tell you you’re not allowed to do somePregnant,Couple,With,Doula,At,Homething or that you have to give birth in a certain setting or way. If you want an elective Caesarean we’ll support you to ensure that your needs are met, your well supported and informed (about the procedure, long and short term risks/benefits), ensure your birth setting looks, sounds and feels the way you would like and then support you to recover, whilst you begin the incredible journey to becoming a new humans parent. You may want to give birth in a yurt in a field without medical support. Many doulas will support you to do this too (though not necessarily all – make sure you find the right doula).

However you choose to give birth a doulas role is to support you to tap into what instinctively feels right for you and your baby, help you find the information you need to make decisions you feel comfortable with and then support you through the birth process. Need a hand to hold, want someone to provide massage, an extra pair of hands to help fill the pool, provide snacks .. that’s you’re doula. Eva water birth contractions EvaWant someone to support your partner to ensure they’re able to support you to the best of their ability … or give them space/ time to tap out if necessary … that’s your doula. Want an advocate in the antenatally to help you decipher what your consultant has told you during an antenatal appointment … that’s your doula. Want an advocate in the birth space who will help ensure your wishes are respected, allow you time to birth and help you understand and make decisions should the need arise … that’s your doula. And postnatally when you’re recovering from your birth your doula will be there with nourishing foods, an extra pair of hands, support with all the newborn feeding, sleeping and routines that you will be navigating in that immediate postpartum period. All this is undertaken without judgement, placing you at the centre of your experience.

Given the current state of maternity services in the UK we’re seeing increasing numbers of people turning to doulas and birth workers to support them through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period so they can be reassured they receive balanced information, true continuity of emotional and physical care and have someone with them who can help them navigate maternity services and advocate for their choices in birthing their babies.

This role is as old as the hills (ancient Greek hills in fact … but that’s another story) and is needed now more than ever! Perhaps having a doula for your modern birth experience is the way forward. This World Doula Week let’s take a moment to celebrate this incredible, diverse calling and career.”

Alex covers Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, South Wales, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire & offers the following:
IMG 5130.jpego Doula
o Antenatal Education
o Feeding Support
o Baby Loss Support
o Baby Carrying
o Birth Trauma Counselling
o Pool Hire
o Closing The Bones
o TENS Machine Hire

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