Unlocking the Power of Placenta Encapsulation


Unlocking the Power of Placenta Encapsulation: A Natural Boost for Postnatal Wellness.

The fourth trimester can be a time of immense joy and adjustment as new mothers and birthing people navigate the challenges and wonders of caring for their newborns while also focusing on their own recovery. In the absence of the traditional ‘village’ that we hear about that it takes to raise children, many mothers are turning to an ancient practice that offers modern benefits: placenta encapsulation.

What on earth is Placenta Encapsulation?pills

In a nutshell, placenta encapsulation is the process of dehydrating, and encapsulating the placenta into easy-to-consume pills, smoothies or tinctures. While the idea might seem unconventional to some, it has been a longstanding tradition in various cultures worldwide, used for its reported benefits to the mother or birthing person postnatally.

The Benefits Unveiled:

Here are the 5 most commonly reported benefits:

# 1. Hormonal Balance:
The placenta is a powerhouse of hormones, including oxytocin and progesterone, which play crucial roles in postpartum recovery. Encapsulation allows these hormones to be reintroduced into the mother’s system, aiding in hormone regulation and potentially reducing the risk of postpartum mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

# 2. Enhanced Energy Levels:
Childbirth can be an intense physical experience that can leave new mothers feeling exhausted. The nutrients present in the placenta, such as iron and vitamin B6, are known to support energy levels and combat fatigue, helping parents cope with the demands of early parenthood.

# 3. Faster Healing:
The placenta contains compounds believed to promote tissue repair and reduce inflammation, which can expedite postpartum healing. Mothers and birthing people who have undergone placenta encapsulation often report quicker recovery times, including reduced bleeding and faster wound healing.

# 4. Increased Milk Supply:
For breastfeeding mothers, maintaining an adequate milk supply is essential. Some studies suggest that consuming placenta capsules may stimulate prolactin production, the hormone responsible for milk production, potentially leading to increased milk supply and improved breastfeeding outcomes.

# 5. Nutrient Replenishment:
Pregnancy and childbirth deplete the body of essential nutrients. Placenta encapsulation provides a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, aiding in replenishing maternal nutrient stores and supporting overall health and vitality during the postnatal period.


As awareness grows surrounding the benefits of placenta encapsulation, an increasing number of people are embracing this natural approach to postnatal care. From hormonal balance to energy restoration and beyond, the potential advantages are drawing attention within the birthing community.

At Birthly, we celebrate the diversity of choices available to expectant mothers and birthing people, including the option of placenta encapsulation. We believe in empowering folks to make informed decisions that align with their values and aspirations for a healthy postnatal experience.

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