Umbilical Cord Keepsakes


Umbilical cord keepsakes are a beautiful way to honour the placenta’s part in your birth journey. If you are having your placenta encapsulated ask your Specialist if this is something that they offer. Find your local placenta remedy specialist here.

How to make your own umbilical cord keepsake – 

  1. Cut the umbilical cord as close to the base of the placenta as possible
  2. Remove any blood clots from the cord
  3. Rinse under cold, running water, until the water is running clear
  4. Place on kitchen towel and gently dab off excess water
  5. Mould the cord in to a heart shape, the first letter of your baby’s name or the word “love” if long enough!
  6. Transfer on to greaseproof paper and place on a baking or dehydrator tray
  7. If dehydrating in the oven, on the lowest possible temperature, dry for 6-12 hours until completely dry
  8. If using a dehydrator, leave on 50 degrees centigrade for 12-16 hours until completely dry
  9. Decorate as you like, gold/silver spray paint is popular
  10. Keep in a dry place, a tote bag, a memory box or frame for the nursery wall!

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