The following feedback has been received from clients engaging a Placenta Remedies Network member to make remedies from their placenta and is published with their permission.

Having been extremely ill post birth and having three blood transfusions i had no problem with my milk supply and feel this can only be the wonderful effect of the capsules that were made for me immediately after giving birth. Every time i took them i felt a really healthy rush of milk come in a lift in my energy. i was very under weight after giving birth but despite this my body produced plenty of milk to grow a very chubby little girl who was just under 2 stone in weight by the time she was 8 months old entirely on my milk!

(1st baby, East Sussex – Specialist: Sally Cropper)

As a result of taking the placenta capsules I can honestly say I feel great. My milk supply is strong, my energy levels are high despite the interrupted sleep that comes with a new baby, my mood is happy and level, my skin and hair are in great condition and I have recovered really well from labour.

(1st baby, Limerick – Specialist Michelle Mayefske)

The service from start to finish has been great and you’ve really helped a 2nd time mum steady the ship and balance me out with your services and products. I would definitely recommend both Nicole and the placenta encapsulation and smoothie.

(1st baby, Bristol – Specialist: Nicole Bevan-Petrucco)

Since being home and taking the capsules, I’ve felt wonderful – people keep commenting on my levels of energy and how well I look – a very different story to last time! It’s wonderful to feel so well, and to have the energy to play with A whilst D is resting (rather than collapsing in a heap!). So a huge thank you!

(2nd baby, East Sussex – Specialist: Sally Cropper)

I do feel as though the capsules aided in my recovery. My milk came in with full force and I feel they helped with my energy. Obviously I had all the usual hormonal ups and downs you get following giving birth, but I do believe the capsules helped keep me on an even keel. The (homeopathic) remedies were also very helpful. I have used them on my son for teething, temperature, grizzlyness and just when nothing else has worked! They always seem to do the trick!

(1st baby, West Sussex – Specialist: Caroline Spear)

The smoothie was actually very nice and you couldn’t taste anything (other) than the strawberries and bananas! I also felt more energized the following day, which after a c-section and some complications was very helpful in enabling me to breastfeed my son.

(2nd baby, London – Specialist Helen Wright)

I found placenta encapsulation to be a wonderful way to keep such a vital part of the connection between me and my baby to benefit the health for both of us. I would definitely use this service again for future babies! thank you.

(1st baby, East Sussex – Specialist: Sally Cropper)

Just to say the capsules made a huge difference to my daughters recovery time after the birth of baby number 2 . She had more energy and coped better with everything . Also when she had a bit of a dip about a month after the birth I asked if she was still taking them , and she’d forgotten for a few days and as soon as she took them again felt so much better !” Thank you

(2nd baby, West Sussex – Specialist: Caroline Spear)

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