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Consultations online UK wide and in person Hypnobirthing courses in London

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Maternityworks offers a holistic range of treatments and courses to help women with fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal health.

Using all the latest research and best health modalities when it comes to women's health, at Maternityworks we pride ourselves on bringing optimum health and joy to women that have been depleted and not feeling themselves!

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Zakia is a beautiful person but an even more fantastic naturopath. She is so knowledgeable, empathic, kind, caring and a good listener. I reached out to Zakia to assist me throughout my first pregnancy and am convinced because of the supplementation, recipes and her advice, that I had such a smooth, low risk and easy pregnancy. She is now assisting me with my post-natal care. I feel very grateful that we have crossed paths and without a doubt and no hesitation whatsoever, would highly recommend Zakia time and time again.

- Elizabeth Aligiannis

Zakia is just amazing and so knowledgeable, she knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable and put you at ease. My husband and I really enjoyed the course and found it so interesting and beneficial. It has definitely helped me to feel more comfortable and calm about the upcoming birth of our little one. Thank you Zakia x

- Ana De Jesus

Zakia is an amazing teacher, empowering, scientific and extremely approachable. Both me and my husband thoroughly enjoyed our courses with her, and she made us very comfortable with our birth journey. We achieved the birth of our dreams twice and I have had two babies happily at home, and it would not have happened without the insightful hypnobirthing course with Zakia. I definitely recommend!

- Julia Mihaylov

I would highly recommend Zakia. She had helped me when I moved from France to the UK to be back in shape. She is very lovely and very supportive. She really understand the complexity of work / life balance and tailored her recommendation as much as possible on the personality and the possibility.
I'm feeling much better with less tiredness and much more energy than when we met.

- Sabrina Teaudors

Zakia has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything pregnancy related. I felt very supported every step of the way, the vitamins and minerals Zakia guided me towards have been brilliant and the perfect balance to keep me healthy throughout pregnancy. Zakia is so easy to talk to about any concerns I have and is always full of love and support. Thank you Zakia x

- Amy Nicholls

We would highly recommend Zakia and her hypnobirthing course. She instantly put us at ease and taught us in a friendly and non-condescending way. Her advocacy for female empowerment throughout the process of pregnancy and birth gave me the strength to push for information I needed from healthcare professionals and has given me great confidence about my ability to have a natural birth. My husband feels a lot more involved and knowledgeable about the whole process and feels confident about being an advocate for me during labour. Having a one on one hypnobirthing course like this really helped us to focus on our specific fears and concerns allowing us to get all of the answers and help we need to feel ready for a natural birth. Thank you Zakia!

- Amy Cronshaw

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