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Lisa Casson

birth roots

Areas covered: South East Wales, South Wales, South West Wales

Approved by local council


  • Antenatal
    • Doula
      • Birth
      • Digital
    • Education
      • Antenatal
    • Feeding Support
      • Feeding Support
    • Hypnobirthing
  • Baby Loss Support
  • Birth
    • Doula
      • Birth
    • Education
      • Birth
    • Hypnotherapy
  • Ceremonies
    • Closing the Bones
    • Mother Circle
    • Naming Ceremony
  • Postnatal
    • Doula
      • Postnatal
    • Education
      • Breastfeeding
      • Postnatal
    • Feeding Support
      • Feeding Support
    • Placenta Encapsulation
      • Placenta Essence
      • Placenta Homeopathy
      • Placenta Keepsakes
      • Placenta Pills
      • Placenta Smoothie
      • Placenta Tincture
  • Treatment Therapies
    • Aromatherapy
    • Massage
    • Reflexology


Covering South Wales, South East and South West Wales

Health Boards covered:
- Cardiff & Vale
- Aneurin Bevan
- Cwm Taff


  • Nurturing Birth Doula Preparation
  • IPEN - placenta specialist
  • KG Hypnobirhing


I used Lisa for placenta encapsulation after the birth of my 3rd baby. Throughout the whole planning process, Lisa was really accommodating, professional and friendly and was always ready to answer any questions I had.

I had my placenta capsules within 48 hours and started taking them on day 3 post-partum.
I was surprised by how quickly I felt like myself again! Despite suffering with anemia and mild post-partum hemorrhage, I was back to my regular daily activities by 8 days PP. A blood test also showed that my iron and hemoglobin levels had not only improved, but had returned to normal, pre-pregnancy levels within 14 days. I was back in the gym by 4 weeks and felt completely back to normal within 6 weeks.

I would definitely recommend placenta encapsulation and would recommend Lisa for this - she was brilliant throughout! Thank you so much!

- Rhiannon Jones - 2020

Lisa was fantastic at the birth of first born Poppy, she was so helpful and reassuring before, during and after the birth, I'm not sure what we would have done without her, especially since Poppy was born before the midwife arrived. Every pregnant woman should have a Lisa.

Lisa was also present at my next two births and she prepared a range of placenta remedies for me, including a smoothie, capsules, essence for baby and tincture for me, all wonderfully benefical as part of my post partum healing.

- Kat Clark - 2014/2016/2017

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable & supportive. A calming, caring person who genuinely champions empowering woman and their positive birth experience. Her knowledge & compassion are second to none and I'm so happy to say she was my Doula and Placenta Specialist.
Thank you Lisa!

- Stacey Brady - 2016

Lisa thank you so much for your inspiring words, that helped no end through the pregnancy and free birth of little Ebony (2016).
I am so grateful for the power of the circle and would highly recommend choosing Lisa to provide placenta encapsulation. A respectful, caring and supportive experience. The capsules have provided an uplift and there have been no signs of that dark cloud that I previously suffered postpartum

- Jo Cook - 2016

Lisa is very knowledgeable and passionate about positive birthing. I have always found her to be approachable, friendly, and very supportive. Lisa completed my placenta encapsulation and was incredibly professional, answered all my questions and delivered an excellent service. I would highly recommend birth-roots for a range of support and services during pregnancy.

- Lesley Anne Strabel - 2016/2018

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