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I'm based in central Brighton, in close proximity to the Royal Sussex County Hospital. I can, however, accommodate some addresses into wider Sussex - please message with specific details of your needs to see if I can cover you.

More Details

Welcome to The WellNyss Tree, where I believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality massage and holistic wellness services. My name is Nyssa, and I'm a proud Scottish massage therapist and birth worker based in Brighton. With a background in the hard sciences and a passion for evidence-based treatments, I provide a wide range of hands-on and hands-off massage services designed for the comfort of those who may not feel at home in traditional "holistic wellness spaces."​

As someone who has lived in a uniquely vulnerable body my entire life, I understand the importance of creating a safe and welcoming environment where clients can come for support and healing without fear of judgment or discomfort. At The WellNyss Tree, inclusivity and responsiveness are at the heart of everything I do. I believe that everyone should have access to the care and support they need to feel their best, no matter their background or circumstances.​

Whichever of my unique treatments you are in search of - including such specialty therapeutics such as womb massage, pregnancy massage, Bengkung belly binding, full-spectrum Doula support, yoni steaming, trauma release therapy, closing the bones ceremonial healing, or placenta encapsulation; I am here to help.

With a wealth of lived experience and academic knowledge to draw from, I am committed to providing the highest quality of care and well-being to all of my clients.

Thank you for considering The WellNyss Tree for your birthing and holistic wellness needs - I can't wait to work with you!


Nyssa is an incredible therapist - knowledgeable, intuitive and respectful. I left my treatment feeling calm and grounded with a greater connection to my womb. I woke up the following day after a great sleep with the ability to breathe more deeply. I am so grateful for the treatment and to Nyssa, thank you!

- KateW-259

I highly recommend Nyssa, a true treasure in the realm of well-being. Her repertoire of services tailored for women's wellness is delightfully diverse. Whether it be the mystical art of placenta encapsulation, the sacred ritual of closing the bones, or the ancient practice of yoni steaming, Nyssa has consistently provided me with exceptional care and nourishment. Nyssa has a breadth of knowledge and is truly passionate about what she offers. For anyone seeking holistic women’s wellbeing I can not recommend Nyssa enough.

- CharlieN-122

Incredible clinic and practice to support all aspects of birth and motherhood
Nyssa at the Wellnyss Tree is amazing. She is so organised and attentive that seeing her is so easy. I always learn so much about myself and my body whenever I see her. She has created the most beautiful atmosphere at her clinic or will come to you if that's what you need. I've had general and specific treatments with her and she enriches my life. I'm lucky to have found her!

- JessiO

Nyssa is a brilliant practitioner. Kind, supportive and responsive. I was physically and emotionally in bad shape when I met Nyssa. I was struggling with pregnancy related sciatica and I found it very difficult to find a practitioner to help me. Nyssa listened and supported me, and I started having regular sessions with her which I firmly believe has me active and mobile as I start the third trimester. I plan to see her throughout the rest of my pregnancy and beyond. Strongly recommended.

- AliceM-256

Unbelievable treatment! So many new techniques that I have never experienced but instantly pinpointed issues in areas I didn't know where holding the issues.
Some of the manoeuvres used where just so amazing that I could have happily stayed there all night! Thank you! And no pain or tenderness the next day! amazing! Thank you again!

- BridieS-7

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