My Journey into Placenta Encapsulation: Sarah Marsden

October 22nd, 2016
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My journey into placenta encapsulation stems from my own personal experience.  I fell pregnant with my eldest daughter in 2011, and suffered a horrible pregnancy with her due to hyperemesis (extreme morning sickness) as well as developing a heart condition.  I thought about placenta encapsulation then, but at the time I couldn’t find anyone nearby and I was too ill to delve too deep into my research.  Come the day of her birth my iron levels were so depleted that I started bleeding in the last few hours of the birth and I asked to transfer to hospital in the last hour as my body was so exhausted.  Not long following the birth I bled heavily, had a heart rate that sky rocketed and I collapsed twice.  They couldn’t get the blood flow to stop and they then discovered I was severely anaemic which hadn’t been detected prior to the birth.  

sarah-marsden-6-weeks-1 I spent many months following her birth, bedridden with iron levels that just didn’t want to increase no matter what the doctors tried.  Feeding and changing her was all I could manage and if I did have a day out I suffered greatly for another 5 days afterwards.  This is a photo of me 6 weeks after the birth where I was still bleeding and looking rather pale and exhausted. 

Fast forward to 2013 when I fell pregnant with my second daughter.  With the help of a good homeopath I had managed to regain health following the birth of my first daughter.  I suffered with hyperemesis again during this pregnancy, but I knew instinctively that I must have my placenta encapsulated.  I took the time to research carefully, and I came across a nearby IPEN trained specialist.  

On the evening of her homebirth, my placenta specialist came to my home and prepared me the most delicious smoothie which I drank, and took my placenta away to be encapsulated.  Even within 24 hours I felt benefits.  My blood loss was significantly less and had pretty much ceased within a week or shortly after following the birth.  I had much more energy and I did not experience the awful mood swings after this birth unlike with my first daughter.  sarah-marsden-2

This is a photograph that was taken less than 36 hours after her birth and I felt great and looked healthy.  I was able to go about enjoying my life and getting out with my two girls without it having detrimental effects on the rest of our week or my health.  

From my experiences and the stark contrasts between my post-partum healing journeys I knew I wanted to be able to offer placenta encapsulation to other mothers so that they could also enjoy the wonderful benefits.  I am so excited to be able to offer this wonderful service after my IPEN training and I look forward to helping other mothers have a more peaceful and enjoyable post-partum recovery.   

Sarah Marsden is an IPEN trained placenta remedies specialist and mother of two, based in Nottinghamshire, UK.

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