Introducing Naturopathy with Maternity Works


Are you trying to become pregnant but are struggling?

Are you pregnant and would like to get the best nutritional advice during your pregnancy for you and baby?

Are you pregnant and feeling anxious or scared about the birth?

Have you just had your baby and struggle with anxiety, weight gain, tiredness, or much more…..

DSC09249 My name is Zakia, I am a Naturopath and a Hypnobirthing teacher and I am here to help with all the above, I will guide you and help you reach your goals and a state of calm and confidence. Just like many of my past clients (read testimonials here) trust me to help you during the most important time in your life…..

As a naturopath, my mission and passion are to empower every woman with the knowledge, confidence and good health from preconception, to enjoying your pregnancy, experience becoming a mother with confidence, and keep the energy and health to fully enjoy the process & journey of motherhood & raising children in their first years.

Zakia offered a very personalised, caring experience during my pregnancy. My husband and I really really enjoyed the hypnobirthing techniques she taught us. These helped us deliver a little baby girl in a calm environment – Suzanne

I will give you all the keys to help unlock your own health as well as start to grow a healthy, clever baby using natural methods including food supplements, aromatherapy, and natural recipes for delicious meals.

I so look forward to supporting you in your journey whatever stage you are at.

Zakia Mance MRN, CNHC, DipHB (KG)

GCRN President (General Council of Registered Naturopaths)

Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Naturopath


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