Our Beautiful Planet is Burning – what’s to be done about it?

January 15th, 2020
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Our beautiful planet is burning, flooding, slipping and suffocating, while we, as much as we love our precious earth, are not completely blameless.

All of us, at some stage have been complacent in our quest for super-speed, super-shiny perfection and haven’t given a second thought to the consequences. If we get there in super quick time that’s great, yeah? If we’re wearing the latest ‘designer’ gear for a fraction of the price that’s a win isn’t it? I mean why walk when you can jump in an emission-belching car? Get your exercise quota ticked off your list in a fully air-conditioned gym – much easier, right?

We can play the blame game and land it on the suppliers and manufacturers, but we all know they’re only acting on what consumers say they ‘need’. We, are the consumers by the way…..

Change is happening though and we can all do our bit. Whether we make lots of little changes, massive chunks of change or everything in-between we can all take action. What’s crucial is that we commit to constantly review and question the choices we make with the aim of being kinder to our planet.

The media have altered their language. “Climate emergency” and “climate crisis” have now replaced “climate change”; “global warming” has escalated to “global heating” and a “climate sceptic” is now a fully blown “climate science denier”.

Placenta Remedies Network has launched its ECO Friendly Member Scheme - Great Thunberg image

The world’s children have mobilised alongside TIME’s Person of the Year and general all-round exceptional teen Greta Thunberg. Protesters are consolidating on a global scale with Extinction Rebellion and finally, after so many decades of telling us how it really is, Sir David Attenborough’s words begin to resonate with pinpoint precision.

So what are Placenta Remedies Network Members planning to do in response to this global challenge? Our services support new mothers with post-birth recovery in one of the most natural ways possible. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just pure placenta. 100% natural.

What more can we do to further enhance our eco-friendly services?

Placenta Remedies Network has launched an ECO Friendly Member Scheme which has identified (and will continue to update) measures we can adopt to run our businesses in a more environmentally friendly way. Client safety is an obvious priority, so all of the measures have been assessed and cleared by environmental health as suitable for our services.

Placenta Remedies Network has launched its ECO Friendly Member Scheme - Bronze Eco Member
Bronze Eco Member
Placenta Remedies Network has launched its ECO Friendly Member Scheme - Silver Eco Member
Silver Eco Member
Placenta Remedies Network has launched its ECO Friendly Member Scheme - Gold Eco Member
Gold Eco Member

Wherever you see one of these logos on a PRN Member’s profile, you can be assured that the Specialist is making a firm commitment to our planet and our future when choosing items required for processing and packaging placenta remedies. The greater the level of commitment, often with a higher financial investment, the higher the ECO Member status. Each Placenta Remedies Network member can progress through Bronze, Silver and Gold ECO Member levels as they build their business into an even more ECO friendly service.

A full list of requirements for each level can be found under the ‘About’ section of the PRN website here. For instance to attain Bronze Eco Member status Specialists need to ensure they use environmentally friendly cleaning & laundry products, progressing to Silver requires Specialists to use plastic-free, sustainable packaging and for Gold to run equipment on renewable (green) energy.

Our aim is to do what we can, then do some more, then a bit more again and again, and change will happen.

Written by Sally Cropper, PRN Founder and Placenta Remedies Specialist based in Brighton, UK.

With thanks to Sally Cropper, Dita Paclova and Nyssa Craig for coming up with ideas and sourcing ECO-Friendly suppliers and Rachel May for the design of the wonderfully creative and fitting logos.

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